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Old 2002-10-18, 15:47
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My thoughts about Commersialism, Hip Hop & Trance (Swedish)

I tried to write up a 20 000 character introduction to my introduction page, and so far I am stuck at 15 000 characters. So what did I write about? Yup, you guest it right: mostly about Music! (for you who care, my Lunarstorm name is "Johannes_Paul_II", yup, thats the pope!).

When I began to type, my fingers flowed like they never had before (except the time I had to write a 1 500 word essay about Steve Jobs in two hours and fortyfive minutes). So this was like writing out all my thoughts of Trance, Commercialism and Hip Hop. It felt like I was going to a therapist or something, because, man, I have had these thoughts closed inside of my brain for a long time and it was about time they got out!

Because there are many people who might find my writing interesting, I have decided to share it here to the Swedish talking people on the board (so you have to excuse me non-Swedes, but I might consider translating it if enough people want to!):



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