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Old 2002-10-24, 18:14
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Ok, Im baaack and...

Oh, you have not noticed I was away...sigh... oh anyway:

Having spend the last days actually producing some new tracks for a future release and written a bunch of nice instrumentals for a short movie (nothing fancy but good money) I just had to come back to this board. Its like heroine: You know its bad for you but you keep coming back for more.

After a week with Reason, Cubase, and a bunch of obsolete crackling hardware I found myself stuck with a couple of questions. These are very, very important to me because I feel that my hardearned experience in the world of studios and music apps really has some serious shortcomings. I have tried to search this board for answers, but it seems no one has encountered this problems before.

So please someone, give me some expert knowledge on this hot topics:

1. Why does Reason sound like crap? (or "how do I get dat 'phat' sound?")

2. Midi Out? I try and try but... Where is it? Pleeeez? Is rewire the way to go? Where is da midi out in rewire???

3. Help my Oxy8 is jacked! And it doesnt make any sound!!

4. How do I connect to ProTools? Is it this rewire that everybodys talking about?? Or midi??

5. Graintables - how do I shove my own into the Maelstrom? (I cant learn how to use malstrom, its all shrouded in mystery, Ive never seen such a complex interface my brain is just locked, but I know for sure that making my own graintables will make me a better composer)

6. Insert Orkester CD, this stupid, stupid CD, it clearly says "ork cd" written with a soft pen. The CD itself is from "Verbatim" is that good or bad?

7. Rewire & Cubase stink, help me! Will rewire give me da phat sound?

8. Bad Format, help pleeeze help!!!

9. (of course) how do I record audio into Reason? Is it from midi or rewire?

10. This little funny icons next to my name, do they mean I have to register this products??? Must I buy the products to register??? Will you not help me if I not buy, I can give you copy of MSWord ok??

Oh and of course the most important question of all:

11. Mac or Pc??????? I really, really need to know. Its very, very important. I want to know what Im missing. I have not been able to sleep for the last couple of weeks because I just cant stop wondering. Give me some numbers. I want to see benchmark tests. I want to see endless threads on this topic. I know using the right computer will make me a better composer, what computer did John Lennon use, pleeez help.

One last question folks: What does this ;-) mean??? Sleeping with one eye open?

Help pleeeeze help. I love you all after all!


Kind regards,


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