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Trance Production

Does anybody have some good tips (or know where to find some good tips on the web) regarding trance production? I'm not talking about the basics here (i.e., four to the floor, breakdown, etc.). I'm talking about highly advanced stuff, like how to program and sequence lush trance pads, and more importantly how to program and sequence extremely fat leads. If anybody has heard Shade on Grey's "Moving On" DJ Astrid Remix, for example, I'm wondering exactly what's happening when the lead synth bursts in. Or, for example, in Cosmicman's "I Love You" v1.4, there's some very complicated sequencing going on when the melody first appears and begins to evolve. I have experimented with detuning synths and adding delays, but I still think I'm missing something. If anybody could help out, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks in advance

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