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Recognize this feeling?

Day 1.

Start up Cubase SX.
Start up Reason.
(wohoo, they just got wed by reverend ReWire).
Create a bunch of Reason devices.
Create a bunch of VSTi devices.
Fiddle with some track input/output settings.
Start jamming.
Oops, what the hell, why am I hearing two sounds? Oh right, MIDI in is enabled in Reason. I'll switch that off.
Keep jamming.
Save Cubase song.
Save Reason song.

Day 2.
Start Reason only.
Create a bunch of devices.
Start jamming.
Wait, uhh... not getting any MIDI in signal. What's wrong, everything seems to be in order? Oh right, I disabled MIDI in yesterday. Let me just get back in there... Edit (ugh) Preferences (ouch) find the right tab (oomph) ahhh, MIDI is back.
Keep jamming.

Day 3.
Start up Cubase.
Start up Reason.

(repeat to fade)

Feeling to recognize: "AAAARRRGGHHHHHH!!!!"

Solution: Checkbox in Reason MIDI options: Auto-disable when ReWired.


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