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Old 2002-11-08, 11:43
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How do athiests/agnostics deal with death?

Okay.. this must be the most offtopic thread ever.. but.. honestly..

I personally am an agnostic. You can't know for sure that a god exists. And you can't know for sure that a god does not exist. If you knew a god did not exist anywhere in the universe, you'd have to be all-knowing, hence making you a god yourself. This is basic stuff. If someone can convince me one way or another, remind me to give you all my worldly possessions.

Anyway... how does an athiest or agnostic deal with death? Not on a grand scale, on a personal scale. Take for instance the person closest to you. Your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, sister, father, mother, whatever. If you do not believe in a god and hence believe in no afterlife... how do you feel about that person's death?

For instance.. your wife has died. She no longer is conscious. She cannot think at all. She does not know you. To her, everything is non-existant. She, as the person you knew, has no existance, and never will again. She is just a pile of flesh and blood and other random bodily fluids, and not much else.

How can you rationalize not existing? For your wife, there is no existance. And on top of that, how do you deal with that? You can't say she's in a better place, because she isn't. She isn't anywhere, she's just gone. To her, it is as if you never existed.

Now... I'm sorry for this nuts topic, and I realize I am not the most metally with-it person going mind you, but... can anyone offer me anything on this? How can you deal with someone you love no longer existing, and knowing he or she never will again?

I mean.. what if my girlfriend gets hit by a car tomorrow and dies.. like.. I don't know..

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