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Midi pitchbend 7 bit vs. 14 bit

I'm in the market for a master keyboard, mainly for controlling reason. I've been looking at some older 80's midi keyboards as there seems to be a healthy supply of them where I live and I think buying used will probably be cheaper than getting something new.

My question has to do with pitchbend. It seems these older midi keyboards send 7 bit pitchbend information (I have the opportunity to buy either a yamaha dx7 or an akai mx73, bother use 7 bit pitchbend).

I looks like reason deals with 14 bit pitchbend. 7 bits isn't very much, that's only 128 discrete levels which would probably work fine on your mod wheel for controlling most parameters but I would think that pitch bending requires small steps for a smoother sound. Maybe I'm wrong but wouldn't a 7 bit pitchbend sound pretty choppy? I haven't been able to compare 7 bit with 14 bit but I want to make sure I don't wind up with something that doesn't work that well. Maybe 14 bit midi pitchbend doesn't even exist on most keyboards. Can anyone fill me in? Thanks for any help


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