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Old 2002-11-10, 17:11
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Midi pitchbend (7bit vs 14bit) continued

Well I looked into things a little bit more.

I found a midi implementation chart of the Yamaha DX7 and it does say that it's pitchbend is 7 bit resolution. I also found the following describing pitchbend:

"The pitch of a note can be altered by small amounts ie. much less than the semitone increments set by the "note on" channel voice message. This is called pitch bending.
Pitch bend is a 3 byte command..

1. Channel number + status (eg. Ch.3 + "pitch bend")
2 + 3. Data bytes producing a (7 + 7 =)14 bit number.

The range of numbers available with 14 bits is 0 to 16,384. This range of numbers permits extremely fine pitch control. Unfortunately such fine control (high resolution) requires a large number of messages to be transmitted in a short period. Some manufacturers prefer to use a dummy (zero) byte for one of the 3 bytes in the pitch bend message. This provides an adequately smooth pitch variation without the problem of transmitting large amounts of data at high speed."

This must be what the DX7 and keyboards claiming only 7 bit pitchbend are doing.

I'm more interested in how is sounds. if it sounds good then it's no issue. Since we're on the subject does anyone know of a fairly decent non weighted midi controller keyboard?

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