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Old 2002-11-10, 08:26
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Reason rewired (Cubase) hangs PLEASE HELP

I use Reason (ver1.1) a lot streamed through to Cubase (Ver 5.1). My gear is a PIII 800 with 320m RAM, 7200-rpm IDE hard drive, ASUS motherboard & Teratech EWS 88D soundcard running through (via optics) to a Roland VM 3200 Pro desk with an ADAT 8/8 breakout. Recently when I open up the song in Cubase (first) & then the Reason song file it takes a while to open up the Reason song & as it seems to be opening the graphics very slowly, almost in sections on the monitor. In Cubase the songs have up to 12 tracks of audio (vocals etc) running in the same song & all the channels have plug-ins & EQing, with Redrum streaming on separate channels of their own. When I try to play the song it stutters or just plain hangs. If I disconnect the rewiring of the Reason instruments & re-connect once the song is opened in Cubase & Reason it plays okay.

I have noticed once before that a particular Reason song file gave me problems & I copied the file & played around with it & it became stable. I would love to hear if anyone has experienced this kind of problem or if anyone has any input on the matter.

Yes it is true, there is Reason 2 now available & I have been offered the upgrade to Cubase SX but I guess I

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