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Auto Mapping samples???

Is this how you make a sample you get off a vinyl into something that you can play scales with? as long as you know root key?

Using the Automap Samples function
If you have a number of samples that belong together, but haven't been mapped them to key zones you can use the "Automap Samples" function on the Edit menu. This is used in the following way:

1. Select all samples that belong together and load them in one go, using the sample browser.

One of the samples will be assigned to a key zone spanning the whole range, and the rest will be loaded in to memory but remain unassigned.

2. Select Automap Samples from the Edit menu.

Now all samples currently in memory (assigned or unassigned) will be arranged automatically so that:

Each sample will be placed correctly according to its root note, and will be tuned according to the information in the sample file.

Most audio editing programs can save root key information as part of the file.

Each sample will occupy half the note range to the next sample's root note.

The root key will always be in the middle of each zone, with the zone extending both down and up in relation to the root position.

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