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Old 2002-11-14, 21:07
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Peff kicks out his Rhodes refill - at last!

This is an "ok" refill - the mic'ed version is the best, but I was hoping for some more dynamic velo-switching & timbre change. He sampled from his actual Rhodes piano. It's fairly authentic timbrally. Although I'm still finding my EVP73 more useful in a mix.

Peff's a great guy and a true electronic instrument fanatique, as well as a continuous contributor to the Reason community. Thanks Peff!!!

Pictured above is his new Moog (yes, it's brand new!) $3500 bucks retail - wonder what price he got?

Anyway, the Rhodes refill is a good root of sounds to get started w/ stuff. Add chorus and delays - Enjoy (oh - 36mb download from a slow server).

Peff's Reason Archive (has the refill - among others)

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