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arrrgh distortion


Need some help getting rid of some distortion.

I'm putting a bass line on a track using subtractor, I like what Ive played and duplicate it in the sequencer window. However there seems to be some distortion. I output it as an audio file and tried to use it as a sample NN19, now the wierd thing is if I play it alone as a new setup with a mixer and just nn19 I can play it at maximum levels with no distortion, Hook up a new NN19 in my original track with the bass sample and play it and the distortion reappears, okay I open recycle and take down some of the levels and save it as a rx2 file so I can loop it in Dr Rex, the same distortion appears.

If I output the whole track including the original distorting bass and listen to the aiff file either as a sample in a new set up using nn19 - no distortion.. or as an audio track in pro tools no distortion what so ever,

so does any body know of any neat handy tricks to eliminate distortion during playback in reason2.0.


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