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Old 2002-11-18, 21:33
cyberco cyberco is offline
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CPU usage suddenly increases after 3 minutes

I posted this problem before, but none of the suggestions helped. I can run the default song of reason for about 3 minutes without any problems (7ms latency), but then all of the sudden the CPU usage increases to about 95% making the music crackle. When that happens there is no way out, everytime I start the default song the CPU usage climbs to 95% within a minute. Even after rebooting Reason. Only when I completely reboot my computer I can play the song for 3 minutes again before the problem reoccurs. The problem never dissappears though.

I cleaned the registry, installed the latest audigy drivers, swapped PCI slot, made sure the audigy doesn't share the IRQ, installed the latest videodrivers, etc etc, but none of it helps. My system:

P4 1,8 Ghz
512 MB RAM
Windows XP
GeForce 3
Audigy Player
Creative ASIO drivers

I'm really at a loss now, does anybody have a hint what the problem could be? Thanks for your help.

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