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Old 2002-11-20, 21:14
Omnilimbo Omnilimbo is offline
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Alright all you propheads, it's time to break out that bag-o-tricks, dig deep and pull out your top tips, tricks and discoveries for our beloved Reason 2.0.

I'll kick it off with Trick #ONE "A DIFFERENT DRUMMER" (aquired from CMM):

1. Create a Mixer 14:2, a DDL Digital Delay Line, a D-11 Foldback Distortion, RV-7 Digital Reverb and an ECF-42 Filter. Hit the Tab key and wire in the effects to the Auxiliary busses using the appropriate sends and stereo returns.

2. Create a Redrum, hit the Tab key and wire the Stereo outputs of each of the ten channels into channels 1 to 10 of the Mixer to send each individual sample from any patch to each individual channel on the Mixer.

3. Right, let's see what this thing can do. In the main Redrum, load in the Abstract HipHop Kit, Abstract 01. Boot the tempo up to 137 and program hits on the sound BD3_Soleside.wav (channel 6) on steps 1, 7 and 15. Make the beat on 1 a hard one.

4. Next, some hi-hats. We're heading for the off-beats, so select channel 10 and program a hit using the sound Hh3_Soleside.wav on steps 3, 7, 11 and 15 keeping them all at medium velocity.

5. Time to add a snare. To give the beat an off-step, junglist feel you need to drop the second snare beat just before the downbeat. Select channel 2 (Sd_Soleside.wav), drop a snare in positions 5 and 11 respectively, and then press Play.

6. The advantage of setting up each Redrum channel individually to its own mixer channel is that you can apply effects and EQ to each sound separately. To spice up the beat and add some "pzang", send Aux 1 on channel 10 (the hats) to the delay. Set it to about 30.

7. Next, the snare drum. Using the delay again, you're going to add a small grace note to the tail of the snare. Turn the Aux 1 send up to no more than 14 and listen to the subtle difference it makes to the second snare in particular.

8. To sit the snare nicely in the mix we're going to add some reverb. This is a common trick that works well if used in moderation. Set the reverb to Small Room and turn Aux send 3 up to about 20 to apply a light reverb tail to the snare.

9. Now you're going to add some real meat to the beat by sending the bass drum to the Foldback Distortion module. Turn up the Aux 2 knob on channel 6 to about 70-ish and listen for the effect. This adds a grungy tone and really makes the beat kick.

10. Let's try an interesting effect using the envelope filter. On channel 8 (Hh_Soleside.wav), programme soft hits on 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 16. Make hits 1, 5, 9 and 13 medium hits. Now create a Matrix Pattern Sequencer.

11. Press Tab and pipe the Curve CV of the Matrix into the Frequency CV of the Filter module. Now pipe the stereo output of Redrum channel 8 into the Filter's input, and the output of the Filter into the mixer channel 8. Press Tab to flip back to the front panel again.

12. Bump the number of Matrix steps up to 32, hold down Shift and draw in a line over two beats rising up, then down, then up, then down again (as shown). Set the resonance on the Filter to about 100 and turn the frequency down to about 46.

13. Create another Matrix Sequencer and pipe the Curve CV into the Pan CV on channel 8 of the mixer. Set the Matrix mode to Bipolar. You're now going to use this to modulate the pan of the filter effect you just created to give even more movement.

14. Flip the rack back round again, knock the number of steps in this second Matrix up to 32 and, using Shift, draw an up and down ramp over the 32 steps (as shown). The pan will begin to modulate from left to right and back again.

15. To finish the effect off, turn up the reverb send (Aux 3) to 60 and the delay send (Aux 1) to about 60. The delay effectively makes the pan modulation much more subtle and creates a nice tail-off at the top-most point of the filter modulation.

16. You can add drums and change samples to your heart's content. Clicking in the sample name area of each channel in Redrum will open the browser. Why not add Bd_Supadub.wav to channel 1 and drop it on steps 1, 2 and 7 to back up your bass drum.

17. A small tweak of the pitch of our snare sound will help make the beat sharper. Try pitching it up by eight cents using the pitch control on channel 2. Try adding a touch more reverb to sit it against your new effect correctly. Turn Aux send 3 up to about 30.

18. The last thing to do is mix the drums together. Channel 1 volume is now 83; channel 2, 106; channel 6, 96; channel 8, 84, and finally the hi-hats on channel 10 have been boosted to 108. You can also pan the hats slightly to the right (pan, 8).

And there you have it, that lil walk though should have provided you with a few new ideas to toss into your mix. Enjoy! Now let's hear yours!


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