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Windows Installation Weirdness

I'm worried that my Windows XP Reason installation didn't go exactly as planned. I've installed twice (removing the first install in the interim) and gotten the same results:

1. At the end of the installation process the installer comes up with an error message that the "Wrong Volume" is in the cd drive and demands CD #1. After I insert Cd #1 the installation process simply disappears without further ado. There doesn't seem to be a conclusion to the process.

2. Reason seems to work fine except for:

3. Reason never shows up on my Windows XP Start Menu list of "recent applications used." When I ran the Reason demo on this same machine it would show up on that list after I ran the program. (As does every single correctly functioning program that I run...)

Obviously if this is the only problem it isn't going to prevent me from using Reason, but I'm concerned that the install isn't properly using the Windows registry or something so that it can't show up on that list, and that the reason (no pun intended) is that the installation process is aborting before completing the Windows XP maintenance part of its cycle.

Has anyone else seen these symptoms? Any help appreciated.

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