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Old 2002-11-29, 06:53
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About "WaRnInG regarding software controllers"

Hello all!! thanks to the people who replied.

But it seems I wasn't clear with what type of controller I was talking about...

I was refering to the SOFTWARE controllers out there. NOT MIDI controllers which are used to input midi data.

Tha software controllers are the Houston, the Logic control, HUI, Mackie control and...... Radikal technologies SAC2K (which I said wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it).

While the Houston and logic control, etc (software controllers) use MIDI to some extent to communicate with the program They are NOT just for inputing notes into a sequencer or midi controller data, but to use the software and interface in a more hands on manner; ie. it'll have faders, knobs, etc. More like a "virtual mixer".
(Like the Pro control for Pro Tools)

I didn't intend to say that MIDI controllers were unreliable, I was saying the SOFTWARE controller I purchased was NOT up to standard; the Sac 2K.

In My opinion Software Controllers should at least make use of USB connections (if not Firewire or fast Ethernet) due to the amount of data being transfered to and from the computer.
Also, if they advertise USB functionality (like the Radikal Sac 2K did) with ALL PROGRAMS supported; USB should work!!

USB in the Radikal I was told doesn't work due to a missing chip in the unit.
Isn't it customary to recall products if they are not put together properly??!!

I wonder...

Thanks for the replies people and please pass on the lesson I learned: "ALWAYS TEST EQUIPMENT 100% BEFORE PAYING FOR IT!!!!"

CHeers to all!!

Reason rocks My world... =)

The DemonSP


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