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Old 2002-12-02, 22:33
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Need Help Tunning a sample to a Bassline....ASAP

whats up everyone....

Im having this problem right now. Ok I have this sample that i am using to make a new melody. I sampled the song, "Stairway to Heaven" and i chopped it up in Recycle 2.0. I didnt add any effects at all, just exported the file.

Now the problem im having is im trying to play a bassline on the NN19 sampler to go with the Melody i recreated. MY dad says he knows that "Stairway to Heaven" is in the Key of A Minor. SO i played a bassline in A Major and i notice that the sample is out of tune to the bassline, or visa versa. I see that the NN19 Sampler has knobs under the OSC section of the sampler called:

1. Pitch-?
2. SEMI-?
3. and Fine-?

what do these do?

DO i use these to tune the bassline to the sampled melody? PLease give me any info i might need to know in solving this problem. Ideas, experiences, etc...

Also, If you want i can send the RNS file and you could mess with it and send it back or whatever. If you want it hit me up @ or IM me on AIM @ djdarksideds.....

Thanks in Advance,

Dj Darkside

DaRkSiDe PrOdUcTiOnZ

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