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Old 2002-12-04, 23:27
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POLL: Should VST(i) support be added to Reason 3.0?

Now I am personally against it. Why? Cause it won't handle them as well as Cubase does, then people will bitch about that too. Reason is what it is. To all those people who want to use one app for everything, I say:

"Stop bein freakin annoying music hobbiests!"

And on that lovely, intelligent note, go vote, and prove that the people who want VST support are a small, very vocal minority. *crosses fingers*

NOTE: Even if 99% want it, it's still a bad idea. Thanks to DJInferno for this wonderful poll, lol. I admire your persistance man, although it could be spent on something more useful, such as combing your hair.

- Springs
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