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multiple analog outputs with audigy?

does anyone know if you can output more than just two channels of analog audio from an audigy card using Reason 2? (i'm referring to the Audigy 1)

i tried selecting the 3 "wave/mp3" selections in preferences/audio, and then it said that i had 6 of 14 channels active

when i left the preferences, outputs 1-6 on the Reason hardware interface are on, however when i create 3 samplers and route one to each pair of outs, all the audio still comes out the main outs (1+2) and nothing comes out outs 3-6

anyone ever hook up an audigy this way and get it to work? my goal is to be able to mix the outputs on my external mackie analog mixer and add some of my external effects. it would seem to me that since the audigy has 3 stereo analog outputs that i should be able to use the Reason hardware interface to route to them...

btw i don't need anyone advising me to get a "real soundcard" as i have an echo layla in my pc in my studio, i'm just looking to get the most out of my home setup

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