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Reason TOO popular?

Yeah yeah, that's what I said. Here's why... everytime I have a friend visit or something, they see the ol' music software boxes, and have this urge to go through them all, looking at the pretty pictures on the back. When they see Reason, they say, "Wow, this looks neet!" while their brains are going, "MMM BUTTONS!" Then I usually get suckered in to their pleas for me to teach them how to use it, which almost always turns out miserably, and with them mad at me.

Just the other day, someone asked me to teach them Reason, and when I asked what synth knowledge they had, they replied, "synth?"

Apparently Reason is as cool as a souped-up Honda Civic... or something... I donno what's cool. Tomagatchy thingies still in?

And to top it off, all my friends expect me to copy them the CDs I payed hundreds of dollars for! How inconsiderate, heh. Puts me in a crappy position. I say yes, I feel guilty, I say no, they call me a dick. It's really lose-lose when they ask that one, heh.

So anyone else have similar experiences?

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