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Old 2002-12-14, 22:39
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i am SO tired of being asked for my cd's

reason is nearly constantly asking me for me cd's...

i'm starting to get to the point where i don;t feel like using it anymore...

i've been asked for my s/n too many times to count...

i now carry backup copies of my soundbank cd's w/ me everywhere i go, because i never know when reason is going to ask me for me cd's... i HATE to carry around my originals.

i keep my reason sn in an encrypted file on my HD, cuz i never know when reason is going to punk me for my s/n...

1/2 the time reason doesn't seem to care that i have the soundbanks on my hd... even though i set their location to one of the sound locations in the prefs...

it's real nice to show up for sessions and get hassled like this...

i bet the kids who use cracks don't even get this much hassel...

i never had reason 1.0 or 1.01 ask me for me disc once installed...


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