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Old 2002-12-19, 06:09
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Should I be worried?

I'm a registered user of both Recycle and Reason 2. I've had them both on my desktop machine for a while now with no problem.

Well, I'm going to be travelling for the next few weeks over the holidays, so I removed them from my desktop machine and installed both on my laptop (travelling with an Oxygen8!).

I'm a little worried that Reason/Recycle are going to ask for the install CDs while I'm gone. I don't want to take them with me for fear that I might lose or damage them, but...

Anyone know what the timeframes are that it will ask for them? I don't remember it asking much when they were on the desktop, but it asked me to insert them twice in a row on the laptop tonight.

Do I need to worry about packing the discs?

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