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Old 2002-12-19, 21:30
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Try this: separate FX on individual REX slices

Here's an idea. Right now, a DrREX device has only stereo outputs, so you can't route individual slices to different places. I doubt they'd ever add this capability to Reason, since the # of slices per REX file varies, and can be as high as 99. 99 outputs on the back of the device? Ummm, a bit messy...

However, try this idea:

Let's say the want only the snare slice of a REX loop to get reverbed. Do the usual thing, load your REX file in, hook the DrREX to a mixer channel, hook up a reverb unit to FX send and return 1 on that mixer. Set the reverb how you like, but set the send amount for the DrREX device's mixer channel to 0.

Do the DrREX "to track" command to get the notes into the Dr.REX track. Edit these how you like.

Then, copy the DrRex machine's note track to the note track of the mixer. Go to the automation lane for the mixer device for send 1 amount on that channel and fill in the whole thing with 0. Then, set the edit area so you can see the notes track and ch1 send amount automation track of the mixer at the same time. Zoom waaaaaaaaay in. Make areas in the ch1 send amount automation track exactly match the start time and length of the snare notes copied from the DrREX track. Make sure you don't ramp, just go from 0 directly to the send value and back to 0 again. When you're done, you can delete the Dr.REX notes from the mixer's track.

And you're done. Because you're controlling send amount, no reverb on/off or bypass, reverb tails will not be cut off when the send amount goes back to 0 for the other Dr.REX slices. Copy and paste that mixer track to any spot where that DrREX loop is used.

This really changed the character of a certain DrREX loop I was using for the better, even though the reverb amount I used was pretty small. Soooooo, I thought I'd share the idea.

- R

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