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reason mixer eq

Hullo all.. I just bought Reason2+Oxy8 (combo package at audiomidi) so now i feel i have the right to complain about one thing that bugged me in the demo!

Ok, so we have wonderful samplers, some decent effects, great synths.. all of this stuff is very pro in Reason. So why, I ask, do we get a mixer that nobody would ever possibly want in hardware? Where is a proper EQ section ?? hehe.. it has less EQ control than my cruddy home stereo. Where are the mids? Where are the -sweepable- mids?

That is my one main gripe with Reason2.. everything else that I've seen so far is great.

Just wondering if there is any notice on adding sweepable mids to Reason that i'm not aware of? They could add tons more aux busses and eqs and if screeen realestate is paramount they can implement more of the collapsing-subsection as in the NNXT, right in the mixer (show/hide EQ, show/hide AUX) etc..

dunno. it was something that ALMOST made me not buy Reason. Malstrom cancelled that out and won the purchase, but just barely..


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