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Old 2003-01-12, 11:22
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Sweet Reason FAQ reminder - TOC and link within

Hi All

Still not changes to the FAQ with this reminder. Table of Contents below. Scroll to the bottom for the link.




1. Reason's Sound Quality isn't Phat (phat enough)
2. Tips on Getting Phatter Sound from Reason
3. How Does the Reason Compressor Work?
4. Mastering and Levels
5. Dithering
6. Can I record Vocals (other audio) in Reason
7. Extracting Vocals/Removing Vocals
8. Which is better - Mac or PC?
9. Splitters and Y-cabling in Reason
10. Midi Out - How Do I Trigger X From Reason?
11. How do I load my own graintables into the Maelstrom?
12. What's in Your Studio?
13. iloyd's funky Reason Racks (pictures)
14. Logic and Reason
15. Some Links to Stuff about Effects
16. Where can I found out about Music Theory?
17. Where can I found out about different sorts of electronic music
18. What is ReWire?
19. Links to Resources on the Web
20. Will Reason Run on Linux Today? Ever?
21. About Copyright
22. Specific Tips, Tricks and Techniques
23. Midi Controllers
24. What is Recycle?
25. Requesting Features for Reason 2010
26. How do I make my own Refills?
27. Is it cheating to use Factory Drum Loops (etc) to make music?
Click here for Sweet Reason FAQ

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