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Old 2003-01-13, 11:02
thral thral is offline
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I finally signed up at the NI forums... and other stuff...

Which means you'll probably be seeing less of me.

Actually things are pretty damn slow over there... you probably won't see less of me actually, lol.

Seriously though... I do spend a good amount of time on here (although not hours contrary to popular belief.. maybe 15 minutes a day. Okay 20.).

Either way, I'm feeling a bit of creative excitement again which has been gone for awhile... since I started dating Cat actually. *scratches head* Think being too happy and complete feeling is bad for creativity? Aw hell, what am I saying... of course it is. ;-)

So maybe I will actually work on music and you will be seeing less of me afterall... I'm trying to figure out a music equivilant for action painting, hah. I like to sort of take something from one artform, and see how it works in another, but action painting I can't figure out. Do I have to compose without listening to the audio or what? No.. that's no good. I need to build me some kinda crazy quasi-intelligent random midi reaktor insanity that is still kinda musical... bof.

For anyone that cares, I do -kinda- have that video synthesis stuff working. I'm using the Cyclops external dealie for Max/MSP to translate live video into a colour quantized grid, and my camcorder is making some funky noises. Doing a kind of color to tone association kinda thing. Yellows are sines, blues are squares.. etc. At least that's how I picture them. It's still not very musical to say the least, but I'm working on it. I probably should just have it trigger samples based on colour and modulate volume on saturation or something. That might be a bit more practical. It certainly would be cool to do a live performance using a camcorder! Mm... video-based synthesis... or more like Video-triggered sample playback, heh. Whatever, it's still amusing. Maybe the colour saturation could control the traversal rate and I could whip up some nifty granular video hybrid dealie...

Alright, 5 AM... I need to pee then think about getting to bed. Gotta go intern tomorrow at 10, blah. I swear if I hear one more time about why analog is better than digital I'm going to explode. As far as I am concerned, he can take his Studer 24-track and shove it. If I built a studio, it would be all digital niceness. And not that protools stuff either. I donno what it is, but I strongly dislike Protools. I guess since I do not do really any audio recording its not the best tool for me. If Reaktor 4 comes out at NAMM for X, I'm going to switch from Cubase 5 to Cubase SX... that is if SX doesn't suck too much. I just mostly need something to piece audio together. Maybe Deck will do afterall. Cubase can be kinda cumbersome anyway...

Eeee... rants.

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