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Feature request

I know this has been posted before
but it would be really great if you could

copy and paste controller data from any given controller (say: filter freq 1 to any other parameter on the same synth and not - from a malstrom to a subtractor ar any slider - since almost all sliders have parameters ranging from 0 to 127)

a dedicated tempo track - where you could automate tempo with the line tool in a gradual manner or by manipulating it with the tempo buttons or the keyboard - + keys in the numeric key pad
youo could create this track from the context menu on the track pane or not (that way you could still rewire reason and do the tempo changes in Cubase Sonar or Live)

a tempo signature change track (automatable just like a matrix pattern change lane) created just like the one above

the ability to insert markers or tags along the arrange window.

include Recycle into reason, in such a way that you could recall it from a reason menu just like the Change events... or a menu command w/shortcut to call the program from reason to edit the REX file you're working on and make Reason to share ASIO drivers with it.

Make the change events window permanently open just like the controls in ReCycle (it's a pain in the butt having to open it every time you need it,) I know you can let it open but it's state -open/closed- it's not remembered with the song. or at least making a shortcut available to open it

Shortcuts for creating each of the modules -that way you just press it and voila a new sub or malstrom etc

an FM synth similar to FM7 or an agreement with NI to include that marvel in Reason. (this is just an opium dream but what the heck)

my two cents


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