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When will props make an announcement?!

Well its been some months now since reason 2. It took around 18 months to get the update (which was 2 units plus a tear away sequencer and an extra cd of sounds [which were not 'coded'])

i dont want to start an arguement here, but we see programs like orion and fruity getting major updates every 6 months with lots of new features and improvements. Fruityloops studio is about to be released and orion platinum has already came along way. We're also about to see project 5 which looks to be something really interesting (cakewalk seem to be adding all the features we really want in a software studio, so i think this could be something really good) project 5 is direct competition with reason, since its more or less got the price tag.

Fruityloops on the other hand is much cheaper than these, but has a lot of great features, and what with so many vsti's being free these days (like crystal, triangle 2 etc etc) im just beginning to wonder if im going to need reason anymore. Reason would be amazing if only they opened it up to vst. what are they doing?! are they trying to kill themselves? and updating every 18 months with limited new features is also a good way to lose users. I mean how many of you were dissapointed with reason 2 when you found out that it had just 2 new modules??

When will the props make their announcement of whats going to be in the next version of reason? Are they going to give us the features we all ask for? i mean, when is akai support even coming in the sampler?

im sorry if this sounds like a dig at the props, but im just very dissapointed in what theyre giving us.

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