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After three months of trying......

I finally got my midi to run into the computer after three months. Now I face a new problem. I set up my instrument the midi icon is on the little green bar is working I hear sound. I go an hit play and record at the same time, record is the one that says overdub I assume. NOthing happend the bar stays stuck in the same place. Doesn't move nothing. I still get sound, but no movement. I've read the article so don't tell me to go read the faq cause I've been doing it for three months.

"I have installed Reason and I can play the instruments from my MIDI keyboard, but I can't record in the sequencer. Why?
There are several ways to use MIDI with Reason. If you want to use the sequencer in Reason then you should use the Sequencer Input port. To record, do this:

Launch Reason and open the preferences.
Go to the MIDI page
In the sequencer port settings, select your MIDI input port.
In the External Control, select 'No MIDI input'.
Close the preferences window.
Select the track you want to record on and make sure it has recording focus. Recording focus is set by clicking to the far left in the sequencer's track list so that the MIDI connector icon appears.
Press Record and Play and record away...
This is the easiest way to use Reason. You select the device to play by selecting track in the sequencer."

Its not working the only extenal control is in advanced options, and it is set on nothing. THe midi is set to port 1 of my midi man. WHY won't it work, BOOO HHOOOOO.

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