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Where I think project 5 is headed...

I think it's headed DOWN. Half the appeal of Reason to the audio-idiot is the interface, and half the people buying Reason are audio-idiots hyped up on Jolt and still reeling from their last session with Groovemaker. Admit it... its true... I'm not saying Reason isn't good enough for pro use or anything, but I know a lot of punks with it too.

Basically, Reason creates the "ooh knobs!!" syndrome. It creates the same feeling in people that a rack of hardware does. Project 5 creates that "Ooh.. er... eh?" syndrome regarding its GUI.

Since I do not think Project 5 is really marketed towards professionals (and if it is, they're fools, cause.. well.. look at it), it's meant to be sold to kids aspiring to be the next Trent Reznor. And for the average meathead, Reason looks a lot more amusing than that Cakewalk montage of pain and misery.

Plus its only for PC, and all those kids that wanna be Reznor know he has like 50 macs, so they convinced their parents to get them an iMac for college. That means, even less people to buy Project 5.

Basically.. it looks like it is going to suck really hard.. and believe me, if it was going to rock Reason, I'd be the FIRST person to jump all over it and say, "damnit props, you suck!"

You know I would too... but I'm not. Why? Cause Project 5 takes it up the MIDI OUT.

Yeah... that's right...

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