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Old 2003-01-27, 00:15
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Refills format flaws and a possible solution...

somehow I love brass, and I bought the Brit Horns refill from AMG, cool sounds very well recorded, very inspiring.

I've made 4 excellent songs with it so far -my best ones I might add- , BUT now I realize that It's pointless to share them with other reason users, either here at the song archive or to get my tracks exposed to as many people as I can,the majority don't own the refills -must users have the free refills or the demos I they aren't going to be able p`lay them songs unless they have the refills used in the rps file -that is forcing users to buy a particular product or forcing them not to hear songs made with certain refills - I myself downloaded the whole prop song archive some days ago and skipped all the songs made with the 160db Drum n Bass Refill justbecause I didn't wanted to hear incomplete works- well, I think that sucks.

I agree that refills protect content creators from being ripped off by exporting their files however it would be great if the user had the option of self containing files compressed in a refill within an rps (you can't import from there am I right? ) this option would only be available in the publish song command (maybe a warning box saying: This song contains files from the following refills: refill bla bla, refill bla bla bla and refill blah blah blah blah, do you wish to include them in your rps y/n) even without the warning box, that way you could still load and play a song even if you don't own the refill in question and then decide if you like the sounds of the refills if you should buy them or not -that is for refills where a demo is not available.

my 2 cents


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