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Has ReWire 2 finally come of age?

At NAMM 2003 last week there was news about ReWire 2 on multiple fronts. Most prominent was the joint announcement by Propellerhead and Digidesign that Pro Tools 6 will support ReWire 2, but upcoming versions of Logic (version 6, due in Feb) and Digital Performer 3 (for OS X, due in "early 2003") were also announced to have ReWire 2 support. With ReWire 2 already in Sonar 2, Live! and Cubase SX, I think that's all the major sequencers updated for ReWire 2 support.

ReWire has been nothing but frustrating and disappointing to me so far, but that was ReWire 1 with Digital Performer 3 and Logic 4 & 5. I've seen ReWire 2 working in Sonar 2 at a friend's place and was much more impressed by it; ever since then I've been waiting for the day when Logic will support ReWire 2, and now it's finally (almost) here. The very idea of finally, properly integrating Reason and Logic (you would think such things would go together naturally -- heh) has me drooling. Who knows...I might even finish some bloody tracks!

Now if that damn OS X version of Absynth would come out one of these days (and an X-native version of ReCycle while we're at it)...I might not have to reboot to 9 for much longer!

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