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Old 2003-01-27, 11:29
thral thral is offline
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"Hey Springs.. come here.. I need to talk to you.."


"You've been causing a lot of trouble on the boards lately."

"Hm? How so?"

"Oh come off it man..."

"Well, its not like... er..."

"You don't know what to say do you."

"Not entirely. It's just a message board."

"But you're pissing off a lot of people."

"Some people think I am funny! I've gotten emails!"

"How many?"

"... Two."

"Exactly. Two people think you are funny."

"Better than one!"

"You shut up now damnit. I've had enough for you. I'm sitting here trying to learn Csound and C++ and I'm researching colleges so we can make something of ourselves one day, but all you do is post on this damn message board. I'm sick of it!"

"I spend 20 minutes a day here tops."


"No seriously, I TIPE WIT TEH GhOS75 OfH AxoRZ!!"


"Er...peanut butter?"


"Samauri swords?"

"I think you know what we have to do Springs."

"Yes Springs?"

"This will be good for the both of us."

"... Peanut butter ON samauri sword?"

"That's it." *pulls trigger* BAAAANG.

"Ow dude."

"Stupid gun." BANG BANG BANG.



- John Nowak

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