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is this a problem with 'malstrom'

hi, I had a question about the Malstrom device. When I use certain sounds with it, such as 'Fooled Again', which is under FX/Fooled Again, I get a slight pop when I am playing it with my keyboard. It is right at the first of the sound, when the key is first struck.
I had wrote about this before, but since then I have tried this on several other peoples computers, and it does it there also. It does it on several other sounds in Malstrom also, but the "fooled again" is a good example.

These sounds play fine, that is, until you put reason in play or record mode. I have tried this with computers up to 1.5 gigs of ram, so I know it's not the computer. Anybody else have this problem.
There is a lot of sounds in Malstrom I would love to use, but I can't seem to get them to play right!

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