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Old 2003-01-27, 17:36
nivf nivf is offline
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Sorry, but I couldn't find a clear answer ...

I know this subject must have been discussed to death, but I still couldn't find a formal answer from the props.

Are they going to implement VST/i support in the next version/s of Reason ?

I know there are manny opposers to this feature, don't take it personally - I don't care what you think, I don't even care what those that want VST support think ... I just want to know what the official stand on this issue is ?

Since purchasing software is serious decision users need to know ... especially home users with a tight budget ( cant afford Cubase VST in addition to Reason ) which I think are the majority of Reason users .....

If you don't want it to be another futile battle of who's right - don't make it one, just an honest answer from someone who knows the answer.

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