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Old 2003-01-30, 18:39
zimty zimty is offline
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audio interface for reason (latency issues with US224)

Hi. I was wondering which sound card (or audio interface) would be good for playing reason in a live show.
Initially I had aardvark's USB3. That gave me 37ms of latency, so I thought of getting another audio interface. Three days ago, the tascam US224 came. I like it, but it gives me 20ms of latency (the people where I bought it from, sweetwater, said that it may say it is 20ms but actually isn't). I would like to keep the latency lower than 15ms. What card do you think I should get?
I want to use reason 2's sampler with a win XP laptop on a live show. I do not care about inputs for this udio interface, but I would like to have good outputs. And most of all I would like to have no (or very low) latency.
Which card do you suggest? Which card do people who use reason live use?
Do you think that what sweetwater support told me, that it may say it has 20ms of latency (the US224) but actually doesn't, sounds correct?
Please help me out with this one.

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