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Old 2003-02-01, 22:35
illovich illovich is offline
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How to set correct length of either loop or song for export?

I just laid down a quick 16 bar/1:00 minute thing for a vocal arrangement, and I want to send it to the band leader as an mp3 since he hasn't gotten Reason yet...

I have the in/L point set at 1:1:1 and the out /R point set at 18:1:1, but when I Export Song as Audio File it's the song (about 1:00) and then 2 minutes of silence (???).

Okay, so I figured maybe just export it as a loop, since my in and out (L & R) points are set... the result of Export Loop as Audio File was 0:33 long (about half the arrangement).

I figure I must be missing something basic, but can't seem to find it. does this problem sound familiar to anyone? It doesn't seem to be in the FAQ. =(

Thanks in advance...

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