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Way OT question for Enoch re: michigan


Sorry, not about reason at all.....

Every post you put up has a picture of your car with a Michigan plate. My longterm girlfriend just got into UMich Law School, and we are thinking about moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I've lived most of my life in the Bay Area (plus a few years in LA...yuck, and a few years in Crested Butte, CO...fantastic!). I am very liberal (although my haircut wouldn't suggest it ;-), I covet a Cooper Mini, (great city car....BAD snow car), and I have found a small but cool community of audio and visual artists in SF. Do you know Ann Arbor at all? I know it is c-c-c-old, but does it snow a lot? Are there cool artistic things going on there or in nearby detroit.

Any info greatly appreciated. Sorry about the OT nature of this post, you can email me if you would rather talk off line.

Thanks alot,


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