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MIDI problems

i have been using osx for a while now, but i just bought a FIREstation audio interface so i had to switch back to os9 for the time being. well, i am having to use OMS again, but for some reason, im having trouble getting it to work. i have done the OMS setup several times, installed OMS several times, installed my MIDI interface drivers several times. i have gone into the preferences in reason and selected "port 1" in the MIDI menu there, but nothing seems to work. if i enter data with the pencil tool, it will play back, but if i try to play my keyboard, it wont. i have looked on all the FAQ and troubleshooting pages on propellerhead's site, but they all just tell me how to set up OMS, which i already know. none of the pages seem to list the problem i am having. when i used os9 a while back,i remember setting up OMS just like they say on the site, but now for some reason, everything is not working properly... if anyone has a solution, please help. thanks

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