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Old 2003-02-07, 10:41
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Reason positive side: thoughts and suggestins very long !

Do u feel the same...

- unlike other applications reason seem like never to crash. I dont know how they make it but it works.

- cpu friendly beit on laptop or desktop its nice to can actualy make music and not dumping- bouncing all the time

- redrum one od the dreams of every beat composer. Just try to make this with any other program. Create a dir and load 100 samples. Now create a beat with redrum and on the fly change samples. I cannot do this within any other program. Same goes for samples in nn19 or dr. rex. And we are talking realtime here no hungups.

- one thing i dont like about software is that all knobs and interface are so small. So what. For example on ibook or even on my past pc desktop i just put resolution to 800 x 600 and u got full screen devices.

- changing views. Its clever to have just devices rack and sequncer view separted on just two shortcuts( cmd +1 and 2)

- patching is insane. Like in realstudio u can patch anything to anywhere and u dont get hum

- rewire mixing in nuendo, sx, sonar, live is great option. Many uses reason for music making and mixing later in one of aboves

- some of people ranting about mixer (including me)and above meniton solution is great. But i still trying to get mixes in reason to keep all in one box.

- refill standard is great. Having your favorite programs in half a space is nice. Imagine like 20 jv1000 or other on few gigabytes. Also with coming reload akai suport it will become dream come throug. Why ? Imagine to have all your favoirte akai cd roms stored as quick loading nn19 or xt sampler at the half space. And convert them on the fly into refill format.

- saving as self containing saves lot of troubles and easy porting to other machines. You can do music - song on a way or at home and bring it into big studio and then mixed wia rewire or mybe even analog outputs.

- well from early 80 i dreamed (and many i know) about all in one solution that can replace hardware by rock solidness and easy to use interface. Reason outfit gives that studio feel (special nn19 - akai nostalgia)

- we always say we are for the future and what it can give us. Future is right here right now. Take it and use it. Complaints can be found every day for milions of reason. Lot of people complain, few are doing music. Hard fact ull see on any music board.

- Clear and functional approach to digital solution. What am i talking. From the start props are trying to make rock solid application. Not to full people with many windows and options but with something u can work every day.

Some word i found lately on reason:

Dan Brown, who for the past three years has held the somewhat awkward title of

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