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Old 2003-02-09, 16:33
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RECYCLE 2 - Can't open MIDI in port...?

Any chance of some advice for a PC newbie (an old Atari ST freak!):

I'm using Recycle 2 thru an SBLive Soundcard and connected to my AKAI S3000XL sampler via midi (through the joystick port)

The problem I've got is Recycle keeps locking up when I try and open it with my sampler connected, I get this message:

Can't open MIDI in port "SBLive! MIDI UART"! Please make sure another application isn't using it.

I have closed down all other apps with no joy. I wonder if the problem may be dodgy MIDI leads, dodgy SBLive or (less likely) some conflict with my Edirol PCR50 Keyboard (connected via USB). I have tried troubleshooting by installing the Recycle 2 Demo from an old Computer Music disk with the same result.

Any advice would be great.

Cheers, OrNz

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