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Event ezBus ASIO drivers on WinXP

I'm unable to get Reason (2.01) to see my ezbus ASIO drivers under WinXP. I've got the latest updates and more importantly, I *can* get them from under Sonar 2.2 XL on the same machine. My only options are MME and DirectX, which come in at 40-80 ms latency when trying to use a keyboard to play it.

I am using a Dell Latitude, which tends to have issues with audio. I've also tried it on a Dell Optiplex desktop (theme is emerging....) with no luck. And Sonar works fine, so thinking it's something between ezbus and reason.

Of course it's a good excuse to buy a new computer... or an MBox

Anyone running Reason 2.01 on WinXP successfully with ASIO drivers and an eZBus? Email to would be appreciated!

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