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Old 2003-02-13, 08:04
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Q to people using 2 monitor setup...possible bug...

I bought a DELL Latitude c840 recently and discovered that you can attach a second monitor to the Nvidia card it comes with. So I got a second monitor and started working with reason this way. Absolutely wonderful...well, almost I might add...

So, my question to people using this kinda setup is based on the following:

I have my second monitor to the left and the display properties are configured in such a way that when you open reason you drag the application to the left to cover both monitors, so the menus and document title appear in this second monitor and the rest on my laptop screen.

if I minimize reason and right click on the desktop the classic context menu appears, if I wanna create a new device by right clicking on an empty rack portion of the screen, or on any device for that matter ON THE SECOND MONITOR, nothing happens no context menu at all! I have to use the menus to create devices or use the edit functions lets say for altering patterns and such operations.

then if I drag this document to the FIRST MONITOR then I can use the right mouse button as usual, Is this a normal Reason behaviour?

I thought this had to do with the mouse so I downloaded its latest drivers...the problem remained the same.

what's the point of having the sequencer teared apart if you can't use the context menu on the second monitor? I mean, I can't use the insert/remove bars between locators or change events commands, get user groove and so on. nor create devices, disconnecting cables on the back of the rack etc. via the context menu...I was a part of the Reason 2.0 and 2.01 beta testing user group but I didn't had this setup at the time. I guess it's too late for the 2.01 patch

has anyone noticed this??

Peace out.

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