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syncing two reasons

I would really appreciate if someone could help me. I have been trying make two reasons run simultaneosly on two different PCs, for the purpose of mixing. But so far I have been unable to do it.

The idea was to simply mix two reasons using control panel. 140 BPM is 140 BPM, and when I find the mix, it will never fall apart. Well, it falls apart. It falls apart waay too quickly, it holds for about 30 to 40 seconds. OK, no two quartz crystals or processors are the same, but the difference in time measuring shouldn't produce that extreme results. And the worst thing is that neither of the PCs play strictly faster, sometimes I have to speed up one, sometimes the other. And the time after which the mix is audibly falling apart is VERY variable, ranging from a couple of minutes to 20 seconds. I even tried similar sound cards, it doesn't work. Please if anyone knows why this is happening, or how can I remedy it, let me know.

I suppose that a solution would be midi syncing to an external clock. I have tried this, with limited success, but it is a lot of hassle (ie each time I load a new song in one of the reasons, I have to chase my position pointer which has wondered off and following the position dictated by midi clock. Loop pointers work, though). I tried Yamaha RM1x as master, connected via midi to one PC which then sends midi to other PC via LAN. It doesn't work, PCs are not in mix (I guess it's the LAN), but RM1x and the first pc are also not in mix. I am about to get a midi junction box so I can connect both PCs via midi, that should work. Only I like the fist variant (no midi sync) better.

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