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Old 2003-02-19, 00:15
blacksoil blacksoil is offline
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Record Reason into Live or render in Live to use in Reason?

Here's a question for all you cats out there who use Reason and Live together--when a track is finished in which you've used those two rewired together, how do you mix it down to a stereo track? Do you render Live's audio to disk, import it into Reason and then trigger it w/a Reason sampler, or do you record Reason's audio into Live and then render that to disk?

Up til now digital performer has been my main thing, but I've found myself able to hook up tracks (progressive hip hop) a lot quicker with Reason. Since both Live and Reason work on OS X, the only time I boot up into 9 is for my live shows, or to track my vocals.

Thanks in advance for your insight.



ps--I just can't get over how ill reason is! I've had it for a long time, but have just started going below the surface a bit in the last 6 or 8 months. Anyway, just had to say that. . .

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