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The way to record audio?

Hi everyone. Once again, forgive me please for the amateurish level of this question, but I'm only just now getting back into computer-based music after 8 years, and I never learned a lot then. So, there is a lot I don't know about digital audio recording processes.

Back about 8 years ago, the hot technology for actually recording audio was the ADAT, as I recall. I need to know about some of the audio options available to me today. I haven't made much effort to learn about that because it's the end of the process, and I wanted to focus for the time being on getting the right software (I did) and learning again how MIDI works, how to sequence tracks, etc.

I wanted to know if my understanding of the actual recording process is correct. From some brief readings I've done, it seems like a recorder itself is no longer needed for producing an album from start to finish. Apparently, with audio editing software, you can send live instruments and vocals from the mic to the audio interface and directly in to the computer. The audio editing software combines all the audio and MIDI files, where the musician mixes them, and then records them to the hard drive on your computer. They are obviously now very large audio files. From this hard drive, you can transfer the audio files on to a CD for a demo, or produce thousands of copies like record companies do.

Is this basically how it works these days?

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