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Reason 3.0 ultimate wishlist...

Reason 3.0 should be titled Redesign
Here's my wishlist, give your opinion if you agree or not.

1. An audio recording device, or build one strictly for reason to work through rewire.
2. add more presets for effect devices, especially for the compressor / limiter. in which you can choose from a variety of presets to master your tracks. and to fatten sounds which is much needed in reason.
3. there should be 5.1 surround sound panning to get that overall mix that you would want in your music. i dream of achieving rolling drums in the background just using reason without going to a studio. this is a great feature you can use it in Acid Pro 4.0
4. you should be able to export Mp3's
5. the Dr. Rex player should be upgraded as the NN-19 was upgraded to the NN-XT. where all the full functioning capabilities that are in Recycle could be used in the Dr. Rex player.
6. and reason 3.0 should come bundle with more sounds. i get tired of these sorry sample cd's full of drum kits i have enough already. offer something interesting like the strings refill cd did. like the bassoon, satire, kalimbas, west indian vibes, carribean, calypso, latin, hawaiian sounds. and have an ample amount of Rex loops, because the Dr. Rex player was left out in the last upgrade you know.
7. and there should be a meter to see decibel levels.

but these ideas were not listed in any order at all so post your opinions. peace!!

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