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2.0 Factory Sound bank

I did a search and found nothing applicable to my question, so here goes...

I just recently upgraded to 2.0 (delayed becasue was waiting on a problem w/ Apple, but anyway...) I just received it today and installed it on my G4 (same machine I had 1.0 installed w/ fold factory sound bank on seperate partition--OS X by the way). When I installed 2.0 it asked for the Orkester disk and then the new Factory Sound bank disk as customary (I didn't install the banks at initial installation because I wanted to put them on a seperate partition). Everything was fine until I started wondering if the Sondbank in 2.0 was any different than 1.0. So I pointed my 2.0 installation to the directory where the 1.0 Sound Bank and several other refills were and the 1.0 sound bank didn't show up in the list. When I clicked on 'scan for refills' button, only the 2.0 refill shows up (does this also in version 1.0 now--I know I probably should uninstall it right??).

I guess I'll get to my question now... Bascially, I just want to know if the 2.0 Soundbank is any different than the 1.0 sound bank so I can skip trying to see the 1.0 bank. I have been away from these board for a very long time so forgive me if ths has been answered ad nauseum when 2.0 was first released.

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