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Bit of an off-topic question...

Hi all.

I'm currently learning C as part of my degree ( comments please...), and finding it really interesting (the thrill of being able to invert a 400 by 400 random matrix using gaussian elimination...oooooh).

Being a semi computer geek too, I'm interested in writing code for other purposes. I don't know how to code in C++ yet, but guess that it's not too much of a leap from C (the whole Object Orientated versus Functional programming thing). Obviously eveything seems to be written in C++, so it would be useful to know anyway.

To cut to the chase, my question basically is how do you go about coding some form of plug-in VSTi. If anyone knows of any 'friendly introduction to...' style sites or books, then please let me know. Bearing in mind that at the moment I have no idea about objects or classes (yeah, I know that I need to learn), but how difficult is it?

btw i'm currently trawling the steinberg archives, so i may end up answering my own question in a few hours...

...i want to build a monster!!!!


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