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Hardware control

This is probably a stupid question, and I think the answer is NO, you have to use software, but I want to be able to control Reason's play/stop and bmp with my Korg Triton. We are trying to use this to play live with. Using a Triton, MS2000 and Virus B (who all sync up just like they should) and the using Reason for drums and bass. I don't have a problem with clicking play on Reason, but the bmp phases out. 120 on the Triton (controling the other boards) and 120 on Reason isn't the same. I'm running it on a G3 333 iBook with 192mb (thats all it will take). Overall it seems to run just fine on the iBook even though it is pretty weak. I've got an old G3 400 tower with 768mb and a G4 876 with a gig but that I haven't tried it with, but I really don't want to drag that stuff out. Right now I just compensate by re-triggering my arps every 16 measures or so. Anybody go an answer?

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