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Fun with Midi data experiments

this is fun. As an experiment I imported midi data for a motzart symphony into the reason sequencer. Set all of the notes up to be played by an assortment of synths and samplers, some with synth sounds, some with drum or voice samples. Laid down a rex loop and a straight four four in a redrum. Kicked the tempo up to 200 bpm and pressed play! Interesting fun, autechre meets motzart meets slayer meets...... (fiancee yelling from downstairs - TURN IT DOWN!!!)

Then, experiment two. Imported midi data from a song, in this case Silverball by the Who. Create an instrument, subtractor, malstroem, whatever. Sampled the various note lanes till I found one I liked. Narrow that down to two or so bars of one lane of midi data, Eliminate everything else. Maybe add a matrix or two to the instrument to modulate gate or pitch. Experiment with different settings and patches. When I find one I like I export it as an .aiff or .wav Move on find another. From there open them up in recycle, Live or whatever. Move to another lane of midi or open a new file. Use two instruments to create layers. Make a four bar loop of four instruments playing data from four different songs.
I'm sure it's been done but I just discovered it and thought I'd share!

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